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Draft of Supply and Sales Contracts

Creating your contracts including General Terms and Conditions of Sales and Delivery duly and adequately is decisive for the subsequent assertion of your rights.

Contract law

Contract law

Our expertise

We therefore recommend contacting us even before the conclusion of sales and supplying contracts, particularly when entering into contractual agreements with international partners.

The choice of law and place of jurisdiction are of major importance when drafting sales contracts with international partners. It is essential to include security rights, in particular in the form of (extended and prolonged) retention of title rights and processing clauses.

You will receive comprehensive information from us in this respect beforehand, notably concerning your legal possibilities in Germany or abroad. Thereupon we create suitable contracts meeting your requirements, as well as (if necessary multilingual) General Terms and Conditions.

In the area of e-commerce, we also advise you on legal obligations, also in respect of data security and data protection.

We consider the obligations concerning consumer protection and adjust your contracts and General Terms and Conditions according to the current European standards.

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