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China Desk

The China Desk's purpose is to welcome Chinese companies to assist them in their implantation, investment and commercial partnership projects both in Europe and Africa.


The China Desk employee's multidisciplinary and linguistic skills truly make them more than just an ordinary team. With solid experience in corporate law and international business, contract law, competition law and intellectual property law, the Desk advises Chinese investors, whether they be conglomerates or SMEs, to help them carry out their projects in various sectors such as the automotive industry, aeronautics, large-scale distribution, energy, construction, pharmaceuticals, etc.

With its comprehensive knowledge of these different sectors and the Chinese and European economies, our team has forged privileged and long-lasting relations with many Chinese and European authorities and institutions.

The China Desk is an essential contact point for Chinese companies needing support in various industrial and commercial projects.

The China Desk is headed by Laurence Ren.

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